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Caffé Lena @ SPAC: Brubeck Brothers Quartet

Sunday • Apr 23, 2023


Spa Little Theatre

Comprised of brothers—and sons of jazz legend Dave Brubeck—Dan Brubeck (drums) and Chris Brubeck (bass, trombone) as well as Mike DeMicco (guitar) and Chuck Lamb (piano), The Brubeck Brothers Quartet is an exciting and dynamic group that showcases the best of “straight-ahead” jazz. Their concerts reveal an inherent ability to explore and play odd time signatures while naturally integrating the influences of funk, blues and world music. The group’s creativity, technique and improvisation can be heard in their uncompromising music, which reflects their dedication to melody, rhythm, culture and the spontaneous spirit of jazz.

With Chris Brubeck’s compositions as a vehicle, BBQ has collaborated with orchestras and chamber groups from around the world including the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the Russian National Orchestra, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and more.

“The music is uniformly excellent in its composition, execution, and recording quality. Once again, the BBQ attains that rarefield level where music is both relaxed and expressive, and their joy in its creation is contagious. There’s nothing out there that comes close to their unique blend of inventiveness.” -ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Dr. Judith Schlesinger

Doors open at 6pm.

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