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The Action Council Mission

First established in 1977 by SPAC founders Philly Dake and Jane Wait, the SPAC Action Council’s mission is to serve as a community of ambassadors to SPAC, supporting its cultural mission, membership, events, and programming by broadening awareness and promoting development.

Executive Committee

Keeley Ardman DeSalvo – President
Stephanie Markowich– Vice President
Eileen Whelley – Recording Secretary
Andrea Spungen – Corresponding Secretary
Rita Forbush – Treasurer  
Marsha Dolinsky – Membership
JoAnn Duquette – Nominating
Gerry Golub* – President’s Advisor
Sequoyah Finkell  – Immediate Past President 

Current Members

Elaine Alfert
Judy Aronstamm*
Suzanne Buhac
Jennifer Connors
Susan Crua
MaryLou Doyle
Karen Eickhoff
Victoria Fast Dunn
Sequoyah Finkell
Doris Fischer-Malesardi*
Andrea Gallo
Andrea Golub*
Maria Harrison 
Barbara Hoehn*
Traci Jersen*
Rolanda Jetter
Robin Kappler*
Audra Lynch Herman 
Dympna Lynch Weil

Karen Macielak 
Wendy MacPherson 
Leah Margolis Nathan 
Sara Mazzuto Regan 
Mary Murphy 
Maureen Parker 
Elizabeth Rutnik
Nicole Sheeler Di Palermo*
Elissa Smith 
Nancy Smith 
Tas Steiner
Micheileen Treadwell 
Kim Vanyo 
Eileen Whelley   


*Action Council past presidents


To learn more about membership or for general questions about the Action Council, please contact Janet Equale.  

Calendar of Events

Action Council Members have dedicated their time to raising funds for SPAC, in particular for SPAC classical programming and youth education.  

2022 Events TBD

Past Events In the News