Planned Giving


Many fond memories are made at SPAC and cherished for a lifetime. Perhaps it was seeing your first ballet, or experiencing a thrilling rock concert with thousands, or feeling like you’re with family at Jazz Fest. There are countless stories about people meeting their significant other at our beloved venue or watching a grandchild take their first steps on SPAC’s lawn. Those impactful moments with SPAC as a backdrop, hold a special place in your heart. What better way to honor your memories than with a planned gift?

The decision to designate a gift is one of the most meaningful commitments you can make and helps ensure the future of SPAC.

We’re here to assist you and ensure your legacy gift provides the impact you seek, whether it’s helping with general operations, preserving a classical or contemporary program, supporting facility needs, education, or helping to secure SPAC’s future with a gift to SPAC’s endowment.

Creating a bequest, making a donation from your IRA, naming SPAC as a life insurance beneficiary, or giving appreciated stock or personal assets are easy ways to make a planned gift and may also offer better tax savings than an outright gift of cash. Please talk with your financial advisor or an attorney to decide what’s best for you, financially.

When you make a planned gift, you become a member of SPAC’s Evergreen Society, a growing group of esteemed supporters, who are acknowledged in all SPAC program materials and invited to an exclusive annual Evergreen Society event.

There are many ways to make a planned gift to be given now or as part of your estate plan.


If you are establishing or revising a Will, please remember SPAC with a charitable bequest.    A fixed amount of money, marketable securities or designated real estate may be gifted. You may also state your bequest as a percentage of your estate.  A qualified attorney should draft your Will and the language of the charitable bequest.

Click here for sample bequest language to share with your attorney.

Qualified IRA Charitable Distribution

Did you know you can donate all, or a portion, of your Required Minimum IRA Distribution to a qualified 501c3 nonprofit like SPAC? Doing so reduces your taxable income.

This is a great way to become a SPAC member, or take your membership gift to a higher level.

Contact your IRA administer to help take advantage of a Qualified IRA charitable distribution.

Life Insurance policies

By naming SPAC as the owner and beneficiary of an existing or paid-up life insurance policy you may be able receive an immediate income tax deduction.

You may also designate SPAC as a full or partial beneficiary of life insurance provided by your employer, if you feel you do not need this additional coverage. This will not give you an immediate tax deduction but will remove the proceeds of the policy from your taxable estate.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock can be directed for your SPAC membership gift or as a legacy gift. Please include your name when making a stock transfer so we may acknowledge your gift accordingly.

For questions or instructions on making a gift of stock, please contact Christine Dixon, Director of Individual and Planned Giving, at 518.584.9330 ext. 112, or select Individual Giving on our contact form.

For stock transfer assistance outside of normal business hours, please contact SPAC’s financial agent, Adam McNeil of True Living Financial, at 518.364.7899 or

Other opportunities for giving include seat plaques, and the dedication of trees and benches to celebrate a special occasion and honor loved ones.

For more information about planned giving, please contact Christine Dixon to discuss your interests by selecting Individual Giving on our contact form or 518.584.9330 ext. 112.