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The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Timeless Masterworks

SundayAugust 193:00 PM



Mozart   Trio in E-flat major for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano, K. 498, “Kegelstatt”
Lobos   Assobio A Játo (The Jet Whistle) for Flute and Cello
Mackey   Micro-Concerto for Solo Percussion, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano
Schumann   Quartet in E-flat major for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello, Op. 47

Alessio Bax, Piano; Sean Lee, Violin; Matthew Lipman, Viola; Mihai Marica, Cello; Tara Helen O’Connor, Flute; Romie de Guise-Langlois, Clarinet; Ayano Kataoka, Percussion

Program Notes

Pre-concert Talk: Panel Discussion, 2:15pm

Talk will be begin at 2:15pm featuring:

Alessio Bax, Piano
Ayano Kataoka, Percussion
Tara Helen O’Connor, Flute
Romie de Guise-Langlois, Clarinet
Matthew Lipman, Viola

This program features timeless pieces ranging from Mozart’s day, when the clarinet was just becoming a solo instrument, to the late 20th century, when works such as this program’s effervescent Micro-concerto by Steve Mackey offer an astounding variety of percussion instruments.

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Fun Facts:

  • No one knows where the nickname for Mozart’s “Kegelstatt” Trio came from. Describing the place a game named skittles is played (similar to a bowling alley), the trio’s nickname was probably applied by a publisher 80 years after the piece was composed.

  • The Jet Whistle takes its curious title from the effect at the very end in which the flutist blows air directly into the instrument to produce a rushing, whistling sound reminiscent of a jet engine.

  • “The main movements [of Micro-Concerto] are full of fussy descriptions of how to play some hand-held ‘toy’ just so. This micro-management of small muscle groups, and the fact that the concerto soloist is accompanied by the smallest orchestra imaginable, suggested the title.” -Steve Mackey

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