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Youth in Motion is a fully-immersive summer arts education program that will give young people the opportunity to experience life-enhancing benefits through the art of dance.  At SPAC, we believe in dance as an art form that should be accessible, appealing, and a powerful part of every child’s life. SPAC’s goal is to inspire and engage young people through immersion in the creative dance process, ultimately developing within them a stronger self-esteem and a desire for continued achievement. 


  • 2-week intensive dance education program.
  • Two teaching artists and a live musician visit two local YMCA branches every weekday to instruct a total of 80 children. 
  • Dance classes are highly energetic, athletic, and joyful.   
  • Children must be age 8-12 and do not need prior dance experience to participate and have a good time! 
  • The culmination of this program is a celebratory performance at the Spa Little Theater in the Spa State Park!  

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