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Adult Improv

Wednesday • Apr 24 – Wednesday • May 22, 2024

SPAC School of the Arts




Linsey R.


15 Students

Using positivity, agreement, specificity, and teamwork, students will learn the fundamentals of improvised theater. They will think on their feet, creating characters, relationships, and scenes all from a single word. Students will explore different aspects of their own physicality, imagination, and vocal capacity through a wide variety of short-form games and exercises commonly performed in Comedy Sportz and Theater Sports show formats.

This spring term, improv is being offered as a drop-in class!

If you’re looking for a fun, casual way to explore the world of improvisational theatre, then this drop-in class was made for you. SOTA is offering this special weekly improv class to allow all levels of improvisor to play together on a schedule that works for you. Every week will feature warm-ups, games, and other exercises intended to build community, ensemble, and a stronger improv practice for individuals.

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