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The Philadelphia Orchestra

The Planets -- An HD Odyssey

FridayAugust 38:00 PM



Kensho Watanabe, conductor
Albany Pro Musica Women’s Chorus


Sibelius   Night Ride and Sunrise
Theofanidis   Rainbow Body
Holst   The Planets (including images from NASA)

Produced by Duncan Copp
Commissioned by the Houston Symphony
In Cooperation with NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Program Notes

  • CDPHP Family Night, 6pm learn more
  • Out of This World Festival: Pre-Show Festival on the SPAC Lawn, 6pmlearn more
  • The Philadelphia Orchestra, 8pm
  • Star Party with Guided Telescope Viewings around the reflecting pool, Post-concertlearn more

In this unprecedented multimedia event led by conductor Kensho Watanabe, The Philadelphia Orchestra will perform The Planets from the HD Odyssey film series, featuring images of NASA’s exploration of the solar system brought to life in vivid form with the orchestra’s performance of Holst’s exciting, cosmic score.

According to The New York Times, “The images in the movie, produced and directed by Duncan Copp, were often astonishing. Photographs from rovers and satellites, radar images and computer-generated graphics were combined to give the audience the impression of circling individual planets and sometimes flying over their awesomely barren landscapes…There is, of course, a film-score-like quality to the music, and combining it with imagery has been done before, though not to my mind with such sophistication.”

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