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The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

In the Old Style

SundayAugust 53:00 PM



Schnittke   Suite in Old Style for Violin and Piano
Shostakovich   Quintet in G minor for Piano, Two Violins, Viola, and Cello, Op. 57
Beethoven   Quartet in C-sharp minor for Strings, Op. 131

Gilles Vonsattel, Piano; Nicolas Dautricourt, Violin;
Schumann Quartet: Erik Schumann, Violin; Ken Schumann, Violin; Liisa Randalu,Viola; Mark Schumann, Cello

Program Notes

Pre-concert Talk: Panel Discussion, 2:15pm

Talk will be begin at 2:15pm featuring:

Gilles Vonsattel, Piano
Nicolas Dautricourt, Violin
Ken Schumann, Violin
Mark Schumann, Cello

In this program, CMS presents three works written by composers at times when they were examining and transforming their own unique styles — sometimes inspired from the old, sometimes searching for the new, but always in an effort to share their own voice.

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Fun Facts:

  • Russian composer Alfred Schnittke sifted through a wide range of music, old and new, and created his own distinctive style that encompassed references to other music and other ages. Suite in Old Style is in a mock-Baroque style, a musical homage to Vivaldi and Handel.
  • After years of prompting, the Beethoven String Quartet, the ensemble that premiered all of Shostakovich’s 15 quartets except No. 1, convinced the composer-pianist to write a quintet that would allow them to perform together.
  • The C-sharp minor Quartet may well be Beethoven’s boldest piece of musical architecture, with a veritable encyclopedia of Classical formal principles across its seven movements. This stupendous work has an overall sense of struggle to victory, of moving from darkness to light.

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