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The Composer's World

TuesdayAugust 218:00 PM



Debussy   Sonata for Cello and Piano (1915)
Stravinsky   Petrushka for Piano, Four Hands
Brahms   Quartet No. 1 in G minor for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello, Op. 25

Alessio Bax, Piano; Lucille Chung, Piano; Wu Han, Piano; Sean Lee, Violin; Matthew Lipman, Viola; David Finckel, Cello; Mihai Marica, Cello

Program Notes

Pre-concert Talk: Panel Discussion, 7:15pm

Talk will be begin at 7:15pm featuring:

Lucille Chung, Piano
Wu Han, Piano
Sean Lee, Violin
David Finckel, Cello
Mihai Marica, Cello

The Composer’s World on August 21, invites audiences to experience Debussy’s fanciful cello sonata, Stravinsky’s exotic imagination through his milestone ballet about a puppet, and Brahms’s ceaseless internal struggle for musical perfection through his intensely emotional Piano Quartet No. 1. 

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Fun Facts:

  • For the Cello Sonata, Debussy looked back far beyond the Impressionism of his earlier works to the elegance, emotional reserve, and textural clarity of the music of the French Baroque. It was his response to the chaos of World War I.

  • “In composing the music, I had a distinct picture of a puppet, suddenly endowed with life… Petrushka, the immortal and unhappy hero of every fair in all countries.” –Igor Stravinsky

  • Finished compositions did not come easily for Brahms, and work on the Piano Quartet in G minor did not go smoothly. He tinkered with it for a half-dozen years before finally allowing it to be performed publicly.

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