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National Ballet of Cuba


FridayJune 88:00 PM



Giselle   (Adam/Alonso)  based on Coralli and Perrot

Program Notes

  • CDPHP Family Night, 6pm – learn more
  • National Ballet of Cuba, 8pm

National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) dancers are known around the world for their exuberant flair and uniquely Cuban style. Admired for their beautiful footwork, strong dancers, and impeccable technique, the company has embraced a tradition of romantic and classical excellence since Alicia Alonso, Fernando Alonso, and Alberto Alonso (the first professional dancer in Cuba) founded it in 1948. BNC will bring their passion for three performances on June 6, 7 and 8 of the romantic and visually striking story ballet, Giselle.

Based on a fairy tale about a peasant girl who falls in love with a dashing prince disguised as a commoner, Giselle follows its heroine through a haunting story of betrayal, heartbreak, forgiveness and redemption. The title role of Giselle has been called “the ballerina’s Hamlet” and is regarded as one of the most difficult in ballet due to the intensely dramatic nature of the role as well as the physical stamina required to dance the lead throughout the full-length production.

Director of the National Ballet of Cuba and one of the most important personalities in the history of dance, Alicia Alonso is the leading figure of classical ballet in the Ibero-American sphere. Alonso’s deeply humanistic interpretation of Giselle is considered the epitome of the romantic ballet tradition. Taking a French masterpiece based on a German poem, once best known through Russian interpretations, Alonso’s spectacularly re-created Giselle now defines the classic work.

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