2019 Calendar

Kenneth Frazelle

In the Flow: Music and Water

TuesdayJune 118:00 PM



Composer Kenneth Frazelle discusses how composers have transfigured images of water in their works over the centuries. In addition to playing excerpts at the piano, Frazelle will offer insights into the inner flow of the compositional process, sharing water elements that appear both in his own music and from his lyrical landscape watercolors.

Program Notes

Doors open at 7:30pm. Please park on the Hall of Springs side of the venue (near the Saratoga Automobile Museum). The Route 50 entrance will not be open.

Will call and ticket purchases can be made at the Hall of Springs gate. Tickets will be $20. The box offices will not be open.

About the Speaker Series

Saratoga Springs has an undeniable connection to water. From the mineral springs revered by Native Americans, to the luxurious mineral baths and pools, Saratoga’s waters continue to be a source of allure and intrigue.

In honor of our city’s history, SPAC’s Speaker Series will return with three engaging talks to explore the inspiration that water has had on music, as well as its impact on the environment and the world around us.

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