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Wellness Talks: Meditation Introduction Talk

SaturdayNovember 95:00 PM


About the Session

Meditation – with so many benefits, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Much is known about the benefits of meditation, yet relatively few people meditate and even fewer have a daily practice. For all the information and publicity, meditation remains in the “too hard” basket. Come and join us for an evening with Neil Kirkbride and Melanie Kirkbride, master meditation teachers and co-founders of The Soft Road. They will demystify all things meditation and share their knowledge of how to get started and reap the benefits in everyday life.

Melanie and Neil teach Vedic meditation in New York, Sydney and their home base of Yorkshire in the North of England. With their business careers and extensive experience of life, they make learning meditation accessible and relatable within the demands and challenges of their clients’ lives. Many of their clients previously considered themselves too busy – or too stressed out – to meditate and now can’t imagine life without it.

About the Presenters

Melanie Kirkbride and Neil Kirkbride co-founded The Soft Road to inspire, educate, and guide people towards an experience of life infused with internal stability, self-trust, intuitive guidance, and greater happiness, sourced from within. Based in the North of England, Melanie and Neil frequently travel to New York to deliver knowledge talks, consult and mentor, lead Retreats, and teach courses in Vedic meditation.

Neil Kirkbride

Neil Kirkbride is a master teacher who instructs in & lectures on Vedic meditation in the UK, USA, & Australia. After a successful 30-year career in finance & technology, he left corporate culture to focus on teaching meditation, & making ancient Vedic wisdom accessible & relatable in everyday life and living.

Melanie Kirkbride

Melanie Kirkbride is an expert in personal transformation & development. For two decades as an advisor & coach, she has brought wisdom & guidance to individuals around the world. As a master teacher of Vedic meditation, Melanie’s students benefit from her warmth, insight & direction.


The Gideon Putnam

24 Gideon Putnam Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Special Thanks

SPECIAL THANKS to our location sponsor The Gideon Putnam for providing a location for these talks. For more information on this location, please visit www.gideonputnam.com.

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