Are there any plans to open for shows this summer with social distance seating?
Will there be any virtual programming offered this season?
Please explain SPAC’s strategy for social and racial equity. Include any short term and long-term objectives and goals.
The SPAC Amphitheater is dark this summer. Why should I donate if nothing’s going on?
How will the loss of all programming in 2020 impact SPAC financially?
Does SPAC hope to hold live programming again next summer? If so, what are some changes that may have to be made?
Will the Philadelphia Orchestra's performance of Beethoven's Complete Symphonic Cycle be rescheduled?
How can I donate my tickets to SPAC?
How do I stay updated on SPAC announcements, programming changes and news?
How will I know if a show is canceled?
When does the SPAC Box Office open in person for the season?
How do I reach someone at SPAC while offices are closed?
How will I get a refund if the show is canceled?
When will I receive my season lawn pass?
Resources for Artists and Artist Communities
Canceled Events

Donate to support SPAC

Please make a donation to support SPAC’s mission to share the uplifting, uniting and healing power of the performing arts. Your generosity allows us to continue this transformational work, so needed now more than ever. SPAC is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, and your charitable donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.

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Minimize Risk, Flatten the Curve

At SPAC, our Administrative Office is closed to the public and office employees are working from home to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. Employees are also adhering to social distancing procedures directed by the State of New York and the Center for Disease Control. We strongly encourage our patrons to follow the same protocols and be as informed as possible from government sources. For additional daily updates on COVID-19 directives from NY State, sign up at  Though our physical office is closed, patrons can still reach out to us at or call 518-584-9330 and leave a message; we will respond within 1-2 business days.